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January 19, 2020

I'm dealing with a medical emergency, so excuse the briefness.


Type: Pass/Fail

One-arm Pull Up Negatives - 2 sets of 3, each side (pass)

Fingertip Push Ups - 2 sets of 16 (pass)

Pistol Squats, both hands behind me - 2 sets of 8, each side (pass)

Bonus: 2 sets of 6 Supe...

January 11, 2020

A new month and a new year means it's once again time to do 100 burpees as fast as I can.  Aside from that, the new year has gotten off to a quiet yet satisfying start.  I've been enjoying a deep dive into the content of The Wandering DMs YouTube channel.  I've bee...

January 5, 2020

I cut my thumb during some food prep this week.  No serious damage, fortunately, so I can't say that it had any significant impact on my workout performances.  I just felt like mentioning it.


Type: As Fast As Possible

7 sets of:

7 Burpees

7 Bridges

Time = 8:00


December 28, 2019

I got things back into a more typical routine for this week.  Unfortunately, it seems like I tried to push myself more than I should've, so I ended up with strains in both legs' hamstrings.  Nothing too seriously, so I expect to bounce back fairly quickly, but I did pus...

December 22, 2019

Circumstances early in this week led me to favoring pass/fail workouts on the first few days, so I decided to just make that a thing for the week as a whole.  Unfortunately, I misread my log of last week's workouts while I was setting things up, so my rep targets for fi...

December 14, 2019

As we near the end of another calendar year, I'd like to take a moment to say to anyone who happens to be reading this blog and thinking about getting themselves into better shape that you should start doing something.  It doesn't have to be any particular program or ro...

December 8, 2019

Between having a busy schedule at the start of the week, having some accumulated fatigue from full loads for the past three weeks, and having a bit of soreness in my right ankle at the tail end of the week, I went with only four workouts for this week.  The latter issue...

December 1, 2019

Flax seed eggs turned out to be a lie, at least in so far as using them as a direct substitute for regular eggs.  Yes, the flax seed meal does react in a roughly 1:3 mix with water to turn into a goopy sludge, but that sludge is really only responsible for replacing the...

November 23, 2019

To follow-up on my intro from last week, I went fully vegan for my breakfasts this week (which was just a matter of not having any hard-boiled eggs) and generally reduced my meat intake for other meals, too.  My workout performances were quite solid across the board, an...

November 16, 2019

I just watched an interesting movie on Netflix called The Game Changers, which was about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.  I wasn't surprised by the basic idea that eating foods which the human body has adapted to handle is better than forcing it to deal with...