August 30, 2017

Rating: A

Length: 406 pages, slightly larger than standard paperback page size, slightly smaller than standard font size

Look, it's Howard Phillips Lovecraft.  I call him one of the old masters for a reason, which is that he's a fucking great author.  He didn't invent the...

August 26, 2017

I did an awful job of planning out my workouts for this week, which is to say that I kept forgetting to plan them and ended up deciding on what to do just before doing it, so they ended up being a pretty simple collection.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, of...

August 26, 2017

I don't want to do an official review of Darkest Dungeon for two reasons.  First, it's been a while since I played it, so my memories of it aren't sharp enough for me to trust them completely.  Second, though somewhat related, I played it back before the release of the...

August 24, 2017

If you checked the alt text for the fruit soup recipe picture, you'd have noticed that I mentioned the recipe for the cake underneath it was forthcoming.  Well, now it's here.  This is pure decadent delight, in cake form.  The base recipe for this was actually a sweet p...

August 22, 2017

Rating: B+

Playing Time: 117 hours, plus 123 hours of the original Dark Souls 2 release

Want to know a dirty secret?  Don't worry, it's nothing sexual.  It's just something that people know, deep down, but they refuse to admit it.

Dark Souls 2 is the best Dark Souls g...

August 19, 2017

Apparently, I hate my legs.  And my ass.  Aside from a bit of unbalanced emphasis, though, I think this was a pretty good week. 


Type: Pass/Fail

Semiclose Handstand Push Ups - 2 sets of 10 (pass)

Uneven Pull Ups - 2 sets of 10, each side (pass)

Shrimp Squat...

August 18, 2017

Rating: F-

Length: 487 pages, standard paperback page, very slightly smaller than standard font size

If the rating wasn't warning enough, this review's going to be pretty harsh, because oh.  My.  Fuck.  Was this book ever a shit book.

I'm going to start off by ta...

August 16, 2017

This is an idea that I touched on in my review of The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure, and I got the urge to discuss it further.

The basic premise is that there are two primary ways in which a fictional narrative can be presented to the reader.  Since I don't have any forma...

August 14, 2017

Rating: A

Playing Time: 44 hours, plus about 3-4 hours of unsaved time from dying to Satan

Considering that Digital Devil Saga was a planned duology, it's only fitting to review the second game in the series, too (handy link to my DDS1 review here).  A lot of people view...

August 13, 2017

It was good to step back up to 5 workouts this week.  Less good was that my thighs were sore as fuck for most of the week.  I don't know what it is about side lunges that always kills me.  They're not hard, but I suppose the movement is just different enough from what I...

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