October 25, 2020

Where did this weekend go?  It felt like it went by in a flash, and I didn't even have time to do a workout today.  I know I did a lot, but at the same time, I'd be pressed to name much in the way of specific achievements.  Alas, but I suppose it's a fitting cap to a we...

October 25, 2020

I took a bit of a circuitous route to get in five workouts this week, but in retrospect, I'm glad that I stuck to it.  The natural incentive to stay at home every day lately brings some hidden mental pressures with it, and while I remain fortunate enough to have pretty...

October 25, 2020

There was a major blindspot in my experience with Diablo-style games, which was Path of Exile.  Seeing as it's free to play (and only about $60 USD to get the most useful specialized stash tabs), I started trying it out.  I still want to play it more before writing a re...

October 4, 2020

Leaning further into the half-challenges seemed to make a big difference in my mental state.  I'm pretty jazzed about the results I got, too.  A solid week all around.


Type: As Fast As Possible

5 sets of:

5 Pull Ups

5 Burpees

Time = 3:00

Bonus: 10 bridges

While ther...

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July 23, 2020

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