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The Results of Painting Skeleton Swordsman

I didn't notice that bit of blue tack stuck on the base until after looking at these pictures

So, a little bit of a different presentation for the post this time, since there are only so many ways that I can talk about painting a skeleton miniature in more or less the same way, just using some different colors. Rather than going through all of the steps, I'll just summarize the differences from the last one that I did and show a gallery of finished pictures.

  • For the sake of experimenting, I tried to shift the bone colors to a darker range in order to make it look older and dirtier.

  • Using what I learned from reviewing the previous skeletons, I tried to put some darker paint in the gaps between bones.

  • I tried cutting some groove between the teeth to give the dark wash more of a chance to settle in there and help define them.

  • Since I'd picked up some basing supplies during the week, I also decided to toss some on there, if only to get a little experience with manipulating tiny bits of chaff with some tweezers.

The facing of the skull made it hard to photograph both the shield front and the "glowing" eyes at the same time

The effect is displayed to better effect here

As the wash shows, the fabricated gaps around the left shoulder were rather pronounced

Some of the highlighting around the hips and shoulder blades came out very stark, and the gradient on the shield ended up more subtle than last time despite using the same colors/approach, but all in all, I rather like the end results. The basing is very basic and doesn't really match with the color of the "grass", but I suppose that just means that I have lots of room to improve.

Here's a parting shot of the whole crew, just for fun:

Dem bones, dem bones!

Up next: I'm getting a little sick of skeletons, so rather than doing yet another one immediately, I'm going to rummage around and see what else I want to work on.

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