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Workout Recap - Week of April 28, 2024

Things continue to Happen, so again, training is a welcome reprieve from the storm.




Muay Thai class

This was a fundamental practice class, where we just hammered out several reps of basic drills. Nothing flashy, obviously, but I do like this sort of class for building muscle memory. Then again, maybe I'm just saying that because basic stuff is all that I feel like I'm getting a good handle on.



Muay Thai class

This class was a day for all light sparring. I had some goals, but I didn't meet them consistently, so they don't matter. Well, that's probably not entirely true (the second part, anyway; the first is true), but my mind was just kind of checked out. Getting through it without taking any big hits from people who don't understand "light sparring" and without getting completely dominated by the good competitive fighters who were in attendance was enough for me to count it as a personal win.


Muay Thai class

This day was dedicated to leg defense and countering. I warmed up one of the competitive fighters while their designated partner was getting ready after arriving late, then switched over to working with a couple of newbies. One of them said they had done other martial arts for over a decade (which was believable, from how they handled themselves); they complimented me on having good form and eye discipline. The other claimed to have done boxing before, but their performance didn't seem to back that up, and they seemed the sort to ignore feedback in favor of doing their own thing, so I tried to just keep them safe while still getting some useful training in. It was something of a mediocre class because of that, but that's still better than a bad class.


Muay Thai class

This day was dedicated to boxing practice. I tried experimenting a lot with doing little movements between strikes to alter the spacing for my punches to get some extra practice at suboptimal ranges; I felt pleased overall with how my impact felt, though it's definitely something where I would benefit significantly from further work. We did a weird thing to finish the class of having everyone sit in a circle and link arms to act like a fleshy sphincter while doing a hundred sit-ups; it proved too hard for some to keep up, though I found it easy despite dragging along the people next to me. On the plus side, I had some nice calf fatigue after the class, suggesting that I was getting a decent degree of leg engagement on my punches, which is an ever-present goal for me.



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