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Workout Recap - Week of December 1, 2019

Between having a busy schedule at the start of the week, having some accumulated fatigue from full loads for the past three weeks, and having a bit of soreness in my right ankle at the tail end of the week, I went with only four workouts for this week. The latter issue also prompted me to back off of doing 100 burpees, but I'll catch up on that with my first workout for the coming week.



Type: Pass/Fail

Uneven Pull Ups - 3 sets of 6, each side (pass)

Fingertip Push Ups - 3 sets of 11 (pass)

Bonus: none

Since I keep talking about working on my grip endurance, I made that a focal point for this workout. Simple and effective, in my opinion.


Type: As Fast As Possible

4 sets of:

10 Lunges

10 Handstand Push Ups

10 Bridges

20 Mountain Climbers, each side

Time = 9:00

Bonus: 11 chin ups

I liked how this workout felt. It was a somewhat atypical approach since I think the vast majority of my workouts include at least one variation of pull ups, push ups, and/or squats, but this felt like it hit most of my major muscle groups (arm flexors being the sole exception, hence the bonus) with a fresh combination. Variety is the spice of life, after all.


Type: Pass/Fail

Close Handstand Push Ups - 2 sets of 10 (pass)

Stand-to-stand Bridges, one wall touch on the way up - 2 sets of 8 (pass)

L-Hang - 2 sets of 22 breath isometric holds (pass)

Bonus: 2 sets of 3 two-way suicide jumps, 5 breath isometric holds of three-limb bridge cycle

The workout itself was pretty solid here, but I pushed myself a little bit too hard on the bonus bridge holds afterwards. I was fine on the one-armed holds, but something went a little wonky when I had my left leg raised, which is what left me with the discomfort in my ankle for the rest of the week through to Sunday.


Type: Pass/Fail

Fingertip Push Ups - 2 sets of 15 (pass)

One-arm Dead Hangs - 2 sets of 10 breath isometric holds, each side (pass)

Pistol Squats, both hands behind me - 2 sets of 7, each side (pass)

Bonus: 7 towel pull ups

Once again working on my grip, while also trying to stimulate my ankle to promote healing. It felt mostly alright while going slowly, but there was enough agitation when I tried to me a little dynamic with it that I made the decision to go with this workout in place of the usual 100 burpees.


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