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Workout Recap - Week of November 19, 2023

I can pretty much repeat my opening from last time: I forgot all about doing this post earlier. My weekend was somewhat sleep-deprived, and I was a bit disconnected from reality today, so I'm blaming the delay on those facts.



Muay Thai class

This padwork class focused on intermediate/advanced details like mid-offense footwork, distance management, and level changes. The kru came by a few times and mostly just had positive things to say about my performance, despite that I was having a bad brain day; she did get frustrated with me on one drill where I just couldn't seem to keep it straight, though, so I'm tentatively willing to believe the feedback was honest. We did some body shot drills with a belly pad, too, and as usual for those, I got some satisfaction out of tanking them when I was wearing the pad and then making my partner regret their choices in life when I was hitting it. Overall, though, I'd say this was a weak class for me yet also an encouraging sign that I was able to coast through on muscle memory.


Muay Thai class

This was a multi-kick padwork day. It was as exhausting as those usually are, but I feel like I only really started to show my fatigue in the last few rounds of drills. I also felt like I was doing better than usual at getting my hips into my front kicks, but in return, my uppercuts sucked. There was some lingering disconnect with reality from the previous day, but I was better balanced overall, so I should be on track to recover.


Muay Thai class

We did head-to-head drills this day, working on a mix of kick and body shot defense. There were a number of competitive fighters who hadn't been around much lately, so I still got in a number of intense rounds while shifting partners after each drill. Granted, my stamina started to give out towards the end, but I held it together well enough to get someone to punch themselves in the face a few times from being too loose when we finished up with repeated round kick padwork, so I'm taking that as a good sign of my continuing development.


Muay Thai class

This was a round kick-focused day, with a mix of doing multiple kicks and counterkicking after a block. I think it made for a good check of how much of my kicking power is coming from good technique rather than from muscling through the attack, since there would be no chance for the latter to keep up over a whole class. That said, even with as tired as I was by the end, I managed to finish up doing a weave of repeated round kicks and push ups without needing any extra breaks or shortcuts, so that's a personal win and possible indication of improving energy efficiency.



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