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Workout Recap - Week of March 17, 2024

No post for the previous week, due to my work trip pretty much keeping me out of action, so what I was able to do wasn't worth reporting. I had hoped to get back to sparring this week, but things didn't quite work out for that on Friday, so that's also put off for the future.




Muay Thai class

This was a boxing day; interesting to revisit one of those so soon after feeling like there'd been a long break in them, but as someone who tends to favor punches, I'm not complaining. We focused on straight punches and slipping for this class, including a rare instance of using pool noodles for an interesting change-of-pace. I felt like I had no stamina in my left arm for some reason, but I'm hoping that was just an odd one-off from missing out on doing much last week.



Muay Thai class

This was a head-to-head defense day, which are some of my favorites. We had a good mix of punch and kick defenses, and there also weren't many newbies in this class, so I got to do a higher number of harder rounds with competitive fighters than I seem to usually get lately. We finished up with a little freestyle countering of front kicks for which I got to partner with a self-proclaimed accomplished street fighter, who I proceeded to bully (productively). I enjoy these demonstrations of how much of a difference actual training makes.


Muay Thai class

It was another head-to-head defense class this day, though we also changed things up a bit with a handful of light sparring rounds to start and to close out. I had a lot of fun with that, though the surprise together with my absence from recent dedicated sparring meant that I was lacking in immediate goals, so all I specifically tried to do was have at least one successful entry into clinching each round (which I did accomplish). I feel like I held my own well overall despite my rust, and this was also helpful to get me thinking about a couple goals for my next sparring (working on eye discipline, since I caught myself focusing on my partner's face too often this time, and doing more variety of offense after opening with my lead leg low kick, since I was in a rut of just following that with a straight right punch).


Muay Thai class

This class focused mostly on low kicks and knee strikes. I had a good time with it, naturally, since those are some of my favorite strikes in general, and it's always very satisfying for me to knock back larger padholders with my knees.



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