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My First Miniature

Yes, I know that's the wrong color for the Imperial aquila

For certain reasons, this past weekend, I found myself in possession of a couple containers of Citadel paints (imperial primer and Khorne red, to be specific) and a free space marine miniature to practice using them on. I wasn't sure what to do with it at first, so I tried to just freehand a tactical marine insignia on its right pauldron:

Don't mock his pointy potato insignia

Honestly, for something painted by me, that was pretty good. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to do it (about 20 minutes, as I recall), but I'm very open about being an awful artist. Nevertheless, once I had finished what I'd actually gotten the paints to do, I wanted to go back and finish this off. I don't have any real preferences among Loyalist chapters aside from disliking the Marines Malevolent (does anyone like them?) and somewhat liking Grey Knights and Blood Angels, but a red/black color scheme didn't fit either of those. However, looking at successor chapters of the Blood Angels led me to this picture of a Flesh Tearer:

Too shooty for a real Flesh Tearer, am I right?

Well, now, that was a decent match for the colors I had. I was obviously lacking white for the chapter symbol, but seeing as I was going to be doing it freehand and thus was almost surely not going to end up with the correct insignia, I was willing to accept being a bit off-color with it.

The symbol actually looks pretty good on this side

Pretty nice job of doing the helmet lenses, if I do say so myself

This side, on the other hand, looks like a burning potato

Dat skull, tho'

Of course, I also had to make do with using my few colors for all of the other details, too. That's why I ended up with some things that are obviously wrong, like the black devotional seal on the right leg.

All told, though, I think it was a decent job, and more importantly, it was pretty fun. I don't see this turning into a full hobby like it is for some people, if only because the cost:time ratio is far too high for my tastes, but I might try doing some more of it. I'll have to check model/paint prices and availability before I can even think of doing more, but theoretically, I wouldn't mind having a carnifex or a noise marine.

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