Workout Recap - Week of February 4, 2018

February 12, 2018

It was something of a light load for this week.  Just the fact that I’m traveling isn’t an excuse for that, so much as the fact that I was busy enough with work and a little tourism that I was willing to scale things back on the exercise front for now.  I’m expecting to start ramping things up again soon, but meanwhile, what’s done is done.


On a related note, this is exactly the sort of reason why I’d moved the 100 burpee challenge forward a week.  I didn’t do a weekend challenge this week because I was too tired from what all else I did on Saturday.  Now, considering that I walked about 30 km on that day (according to my phone), it’s not like I was just taking it easy, but there’s a big difference between that type of low intensity effort and a concentrated burst for ten-odd minutes.



Type: As Fast As Possible


5 sets of:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Prisoner Squats


Time = 4:15


Bonus: 3 one-armed pull up negatives (each side)


As usual, this routine was just a quickie to fit something in when I didn’t think I had time for something more elaborate.  On the plus side, it was a good time, which is always nice.




Type: Pass/Fail


Prisoner Squats – 2 sets of 20 (pass)
Push Ups – 2 sets of 20 (pass)
Straight Leg Raises – 2 sets of 15 (pass)
Handstand Push Ups – 2 sets of 5 (pass)
Bridges – 2 sets of 15 (pass)


Bonus: 3 pistol squats (each side)


After just about a whole day of flying on Monday, I thought it’d be best to do something on the easy side, just to get used to moving around again.




Type: Pass/Fail


One-Armed Push Ups, Feet Apart – 2 sets of 5, each side (pass)
Pistol Squats – 2 sets of 5, each side (pass)
Stand-to-Stand Bridges, one wall touch on the way up – 2 sets of 6 (pass)
Shoulder-width Handstand Push Ups – 2 sets of 5 (pass)


Bonus: 4 sets of 3 Superman push ups


I went for something a little more aggressive this time.  Nothing too notable beyond that, though.




Type: Pass/Fail


Shoulder-width Handstand Push Ups – 1 set of 10 (pass)
Pistol Squats – 1 set of 10, each side (pass)
Fingertip Push Ups – 1 set of 10 (pass)


Bonus: none


Honestly, I was slacking off today.  I could’ve done more, but I felt like resting up to gather my energy for what I’d expected to be a busy Saturday sounded like a good idea.  Given the aforementioned 30 km of trekking, which doesn’t take into consideration that a big chunk of that was working my way uphill and that the incline was steep enough that going back downhill also required more effort than walking normally, it was probably a good decision.


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