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The Brass Fraternity (Part 5)

Here’s the end result: link

Since I’m not familiar with running Silent Legions games, there are probably some omissions and oversights in that. I tried my best to set out what I thought would be necessary, but imagination is no substitute for experience. If anyone tries this out and provides feedback, I’ll update the file (and provide due credit, of course).

As for changes from what I’d written in the previous posts, the first thing that caught my eye was that there was no extra cost for channeling the residual energy of the Canonical Beckoning of Esoteric Masters. I added in a hit point sacrifice (similar to the mechanic for The Silvered Blade of Sacrifice spell) so that it wouldn’t just be a contest to see who can get in the final word.

I gave Aleksandra the ability to keep functioning in a mortally-wounded body unless it suffers grievous harm. That sort of thing always seems appropriate for possession.

I named a few of the Brass Fraternity’s notable members. The leadership was left ambiguous on purpose so that it can be customized to the GM’s whims.

I added full names for the game room, library, and art gallery, using the Stars Without Number name generators for inspiration.

The additional events that I had on the side got fleshed out a bit, along with the Fraternity’s actions against Georgia. Stuff like that helps to obfuscate the simple framework of a small nodal adventure.

Speaking of nodes, I thought about adding something explicit for the overdue book angle, but I decided against it in the end. It should simple enough to improvise a dormitory room for the agent with the books, and keeping its contents flexible lets it help fill the gap for any nodes that the players are struggling to figure out.

I included a few rough numbers for encounter sizes, but being unfamiliar with Silent Legions games, I erred on the side of leaving that up to the GM’s judgment for most situations.

That’s about it. Honestly, I’m frustrated with certain events from earlier today, so I’m not in the greatest mood for writing a blog post, but I wanted to get this wrapped up and shared without too much delay. Hopefully someone out there benefits from it!



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