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Workout Recap - Week of December 24, 2023

Very light entry this time, since about half the usual classes were cancelled due to the holidays. I know I could've been doing my own workouts in the mean time, but I thought this was actually a decent chance to give my body some rest to make sure it'd be all healed up and ready to go when things get serious again in January.



Muay Thai class

This was just a boxing class, since the usual boxing class was cancelled and everyone was put into one session. On top of that, there was a newbie (who I worked with in a threesome, incidentally), so the kru likely kept things basic to avoid overwhelming them. In any case, my power punches were cracking hard and my stamina kept up despite the bit of a longer break than usual from my last class, which was nice. All in all, this was mostly notable for how satisfying it felt to be violent again.


Muay Thai class

I did a double-class this day, to try making up for it being a light week overall. The Muay Thai class ended up focusing a lot on boxing, too, so I basically did a whole lot of punching and slipping. I was pretty exhausted by the end, but I tried to focus on still having good form and flow even when I was slowed by fatigue, and it felt like I was still able to make good contact on my punches despite lacking power by that point. In any case, this was a fine way to close out the year with my 310th training session overall.



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