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Workout Recap - Week of December 25, 2022

I actually have an explanation for being a week late with this recap, rather than just an excuse; I was unable to log in to post this for a while. I've no idea if it was a general problem with Wix or just something special for me, but in any case, here we are.

Only three workouts this week because the gym was closed on Monday and Friday for winter holidays, and I was feeling too depressed to do my own workouts in the mean time.



Muay Thai class

Due to scant attendance today, I got teamed up in a trio with two of the competitive fighters. This was encouraging to help show how much farther I can still go with my skill level with more direct comparisons than I get in sparring, and while most of their critiquing of technique was directed towards me (fairly), there was a fun moment where I noticed the technical error one of them pointed out to the other. In any event, we finished with medicine ball slams, which I don't think our coach has us do efficiently (she encourages us to use too much weight to develop power but while doing too many reps to develop strength), but this was my first time doing them with a fifty pound ball, and it was a little mark of personal accomplishment that I was able to handle that load.


Muay Thai class

If the previous class had scant attendance, this one was a ghost town; only four people showed up for Muay Thai (including me), plus another two for boxing, so we did head-to-head defense drills but without the usual switching of partners each round. My right shinguard slipped out of place a couple of times, so I ended up with a knot above my ankle from having less-than-ideal protection while doing some low kicks into shin checks, but it's nothing that I can't work through. We finished with a couple of freestyle back-and-forth rounds, which are always fun, and I actually did somewhat of a reasonable job of parrying teeps during those, so maybe I can clue into having better defense against those in actual sparring.


Muay Thai class

Boxing class today, focusing on doing some staple two-to-four punch sequences. Honestly, I wasn't all there mentally for this class and mostly coasted through in a haze. A shame, since I got to work with one of the gym's top boxers for about half of it and so would've probably benefited greatly if I was more engaged, but nothing to be done about that aside from moving forward.



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