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Workout Recap - Week of January 21, 2024

It might have seemed like I was depressed during the last recap. I was and still am. Forging through it, though, despite other matters making it unlikely that I'll be returning to sparring until March or April.




Muay Thai class

This class worked on changing levels while attacking (and by extension the spacing/footwork/etc. necessarily to support that). Honestly, I felt slow and lacking in energy for it, and for the whole day, really. Hopefully it was just my brain misbehaving.



Muay Thai class

This was a stamina class, working on extended sequences with multiple kicks and emphasizing speed. The kru was quick to criticize people, but she seemed to have only positive reinforcement the times when she singled me out, so either I was doing something right or I was bad enough to warrant being an object of pity for this class. Either one is a good thing for survival, I suppose.


Muay Thai class

This was a head-to-head drill day, practicing fundamental punch-to-kick defense. It's unremarkable work, but it's critical and effective, so I never question doing it. During the finished calisthenics, the kru picked me to count out one of the sets. Like the previous day, I'm not sure if this was meant as praise or pity (or simple random chance), but in either case, I hammered it out successfully.


Muay Thai class

We had a new face show up, so this was a basics class to help them along. I don't think any of the drills were notable, but I got some general praise from the kru and from one of the fighters for having efficient technique, which is always nice. The finishing calisthenics were a grinder to make up for that, but I seemed to be one of the hard asses keeping up a good pace for it all, as with my usual (if still surprising) displays of good general athleticism. All in all, I guess I'm feeling a little better than how I've been lately, but I'm still in a bit of a spell.



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