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Workout Recap - Week of January 30, 2022

After having been running more or less on autopilot for my workouts for far too long, I want to make a concerted effort to get back to what I was doing up until mid-2020. Nothing wrong with trying a few alternate approaches just to mix things up, similar to how I had taken a break to do some jump training a while ago, but the workouts simply were not giving me the sense of accomplishment that I used to have. Reset, realign, reinvigorate.



Type: Pass/Fail

Uneven Pull Ups - 1 set of 5, each side (pass)

Stand-to-stand Bridges, one wall touch on the way up - 1 set of 6 (pass)

Hanging Straight Leg Raises - 1 set of 10 (pass)

Bonus: none

Back to pushing at some more advanced calisthenics, though keeping it to just one set to check for any regression. There was some, but not enough for me to be worried about safety for these movements in the immediate future.


Type: Pass/Fail

Close Handstand Push Ups - 1 set of 12 (pass)

Shrimp Squats, both hands behind me - 1 set of 10, each side (pass)

One-armed Push Ups - 1 set of 3, each side (pass)

Bonus: 7 burpees

Testing out the complimenting movements, and these felt good for the most part, too. There was some core/hip instability during the push ups that I'll want to be mindful of keeping under control before I try advancing much further with them, but otherwise, pretty solid performance.


Type: As Fast As Possible

3 sets of:

21/15/9 Plyometric Lunges (each side)

21/15/9 Push Ups

21/15/9 Straight Leg Raises

Time = 4:00

Bonus: 8 chin ups

A nice bit of improvement over my performance with this routine last week. I think it was more from regular variance in performance rather than any significant physical changes, but I'll take it.


Type: As Fast As Possible

5 sets of:

5 Pull Ups

5 Burpees

5 Bridges

Time = 5:30

Bonus: none

Not great, here. I was more winded than I'd like to have been after this, and the time was a bit subpar as well. I'll want to ease my way back into my old regular weekend challenges, I guess. I'll aim to get back at doing my monthly 100 burpees and the other weekly challenges by the start of March.



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