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Tropin' d20 - BFS

It's been a little while since I've done one of these posts. Let me change that. Random Trope: BFS Well, the obvious way to handle this would be to come up with six magic great swords, but that's setting a low bar. In a convoluted reference to Delta rolling an 18 on 3d6 in his most recent Book of War playtest video, how about making lists of six physical descriptions, six magical properties, and six current locations, and then seeing how I can mash those together into something for use in actual play? The final results will be system-agnostic, as usual, but I'll take it a step further in providing only a narrative description that's (hopefully) evocative enough for someone reading it to fill in the mechanical details that make sense to them. Physical Descriptions

  1. Heavy metal blade with a simple handle

  2. Silver blade with a jeweled guard and pommel

  3. Blade made from the bone/tooth of a gigantic creature

  4. Barbed hilt that forms a "blade" when held

  5. An eagle-shaped hilt with a black blade extending from its mouth

  6. An oversized saber or scimitar

Magical Properties

  1. Cursed to draw enmity from onlookers

  2. Protects the wielder from magic

  3. Hears whispers

  4. Vampiric qualities

  5. Uncovers secrets

  6. Inspires fear

Current Locations

  1. Wielded by a great warrior

  2. Artifact in a collection or public display

  3. In a creature's hoard

  4. Held by a spirit searching for a worthy bearer

  5. Entombed with a former wielder

  6. Cast into another dimension

Six Magic Great Swords 1. The Unscorched Edge (6,2,5)

From frigid caverns of the giant Vagar came this great machete. Austin, Twice-Exalted Champion of the Third Emperor, used it most famously against the conjured legions of Dwells-in-Daylight, where its eternal rime rendered him proof against fiery spellcraft. It was lost when Austin disappeared during his search for the Isle of the Fallen Star. 2. Justice (1,5,2)

This great slab of a sword hangs from the courthouse ceiling in metropolitan Andice. Legends say it once belonged to an executioner who helped fake the deaths of political prisoners during the Donph coup. The sword rocks in an unfelt wind if any tell a lie within earshot of it. 3. Silkheart (4,2,4)

Deep within the rainforest, there is an ancient palm tree stump, upon which rests a twisted pair of prickled branches resembling a large sword's grip and crossguard. One who holds the grip barehanded can call forth strands of lashing silk that slice as well as steel, in proportion to how deeply their flesh is pricked. However, it is watched over by the ghost of its creator, who will possess any wielder in a bid for revenge. 4. The Conspirator's Heart (2,3,1)

The squabbling barbarian tribes of the southern woods have been united by the so-called king Julius. The border cities laughed off his threats, thinking him a madman entranced by the ruby at the pommel of his sword during their parley, but his army is too great for any city to stand against alone, and every attempt to incite insurgency against him has been foiled. Three cities have fallen already, each success causing his numbers to swell, and none are any closer to finding the informants who keep ruining the endeavors to weaken his rule. 5. Seeker (3,5,3)

It is said that the famed dragonslayer Hulim had ogrish blood in her veins, so great was the sword she carved from the rib of Kidres the Fetid. She slew at least three more, using her unparalleled knack for finding their hoards to ambush them in their sleep, before falling in defense of her home against Avrul the Aeternal. Out of respect for her prowess, the wyrm left her home intact, making off with just her body and weapon. 6. Breathtaker (2,4,1)

Contessa Umi's swarthy beauty is rivaled only by her skill with her great silver sword. She won rule of her realm after besting every other claimant in consecutive duels lasting a full night and day. Not only did she end each duel with a single stroke, barely breaking a sweat by the end, but all who felt the edge of her bejeweled blade lived to swear fealty.


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