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Workout Recap - Week of January 28, 2024

The dream was a lie, long live the dream.




Muay Thai class

This class was a refresher on working kick defenses and counters into offensive flow. I felt pretty sharp and upbeat in how I handled it, which was a nice change from dragging through on ghost energy the last several weeks. We finished up with a few rounds of boxing drills, plus one for tacking on a knee strike (always a welcome treat, even when I'm working with someone who holds the focus mitts as if I'm trying to knee a seven-footer in the groin). The kru said this whole week will have a focus on defense after everyone sucked at that in sparring last week, which I'm ready to rip into (even if I expect to suck again whenever we happen to work on countering kicks with sweeps).



Muay Thai class

Disappointingly, this was not a defense-focused class. I'm not honestly sure what the focus of it was, since it felt like it was kind of all over the place. Then again, I also lost my socks in my home somehow, so I had to wear shoes without socks to get to the gym and back, and that made me abrade the backs of both ankles. Thus, I'm not sure if it was just me who was all over the place.


Muay Thai class

Another class without any defense work is making me suspicious of the claims of defense week. This was a good review of fundamentals, though, working on smooth links from punching to kicking. I had one stumble while holding pads when I tried to get a little too fancy with moving around between drill repetitions, but someone else slipped and fell down on a round kick attempt, so I objectively wasn't the clumsiest person in the class for once.


Muay Thai class

The dream of defense week is truly dead. This was a nice padwork session aside from that, though. The kru even praised my front kicks at one point, so I guess the improvements I'd been feeling regarding those of late had some grounding in reality.



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