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Magic Items Inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

JoJo's fans know one of the extra items must involve kicking Danny

While I am late to the party in getting into it, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a simultaneously wonderful and thoroughly bizarre franchise, which makes it a great source of inspiration. Being a fan of weird magic items in TTRPGs, I thought it would be a fruitful exercise to go through the whole anime series from the start and come up with at least 20 items based on each of the first six parts (mostly because Stone Ocean just released on Netflix and this gives me something to do while waiting for more episodes to come out, though mapping easily to a 1d6+1d20 roll is a nice bonus). I will be omitting the specific inspirations in these posts to minimize potential spoilers, but those will be included on the final page of the compilation PDF I will make eventually for anyone who wants the references. I will also try to minimize references to specific game mechanics to allow maximum flexibility.

Honestly, I had been skeptical of whether I could make 20 items out of Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency due to their shorter lengths compared to later parts, but I had a few extras from the former and am well on my way with the latter (with 18 items after 6 out of 17 episodes). These listings will cover only what I consider to be the 20 most interesting items, but I will share the extras in the compilation PDF.

Without any further ado, here are 20 magic items inspired by Phantom Blood:

1: Handkerchief of Protection

This white handkerchief doubles the bearer's HP when defending helpless people, which they are compelled them to do and for which they are compelled to reject any overt rewards. The monogram always matches the bearer's real name.

2: Furnace of Concealment

This simple brick furnace will destroy any incriminating evidence perfectly if a beloved pet is burned in it at the same time. The pet can belong to anyone.

3: Hat of True Character

This metal-brimmed hat can identify if someone who bleeds on it is altruistic or villainous.

4: Honorable Bottle

This bottle will unerringly strike the mouth of someone who insults its drinker, shattering on contact. The drinker must be drinking potent alcohol from it for the magic to work.

5: Mask of Evolution

This full-face stone mask shows an impassive countenance with fangs. If it is exposed to blood, spikes spring out backwards from its edges, retracting automatically after one round. If it was being worn when exposed to blood, the wearer's brain is impaled, killing them instantly and reviving them as a vampire after one round.

6: Ring of Nobility

This gem-encrusted gold ring causes its wearer to act as an idealistic benevolent/generous noble. They inspire admiration for doing so in scoundrels who would normally sneer at such behavior.

7: Guardian Statue

This is a statue of a woman holding a spike-topped urn on her shoulder. It acts as a safe landing point for its owner (negating 30' of falling damage) and draws their enemies to impale themselves on its spear if they fall nearby.

8: Convalescence Towel

This linen towel can transfer HP from the user to a touched creature while it is wetted with cold water.

9: Matchmaker's Cane

This wooden cane allows the user to pair couples up for true love. However, using it condemns the user to be alone forever.

10: Shaker of Pacification

This pepper shaker suppresses feelings of anger or outrage towards the user in onlookers while the user uses it to season food they are currently eating.

11: Pacifist's Hat

This checker-patterned hat allows for transferring melee attacks through living creatures without harming them. When invoked, the effect is total (i.e. it cannot be used to transfer an attack through one person to hit another they are grappling).

12: Knife of Intimidation

This curved knife can be stabbed through the wielder's cheeks to inspire magical fear in onlookers. Doing so does not harm the wielder. The effect lasts as long as the knife stays in place. Saving against fear grants the onlooker immunity for that use of the knife.

13: Northern Wind Glass

This wine glass can detect undead while it is filled with wine and its bearer is breathing calmly.

14: Furious Wig

This long-haired wig inspired bloodlust during combat. It makes an attack each round (as an unarmed attack by the wearer) but causes its wearer to go berserk.

15: Plucky Sword

This sword grants its wielder a dying attack and holds off death for one extra round of monologuing.

16: Bag of Gliding Leaves

This large bag is full of dry leaves. When commanded, the leaves magnetize into a sheet capable of acting like a glider wing.

17: Duelist's Chain

This 66' chain has a locking metal collar at each end, with the key to unlock each collar located on the inside of the other one. If one collar is worn, the other snaps around the neck of the wearer's nearest enemy.

18: Frozen Rose

This rose is covered in unmelting ice. If the user pricks themselves on its thorns (dealing 1 damage), the rose thaws and wilts over the course of 10 minutes, during which time it repels any undead.

19: Stinging Eye Patch

This black eye patch has a circle of hollow spikes on the inside. When worn, the wearer can sacrifice their eye to shoot a liquid "laser". The eye can be regenerated by drinking fresh blood before taking the eye patch off.

20: Time Piece of the Stylish Procrastinator

This simple pocket watch keeps perfect time. However, the bearer is doomed to always be slightly late.



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