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Magic Items Inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

Joseph is the best JoJo

Between having a real story, a protagonist who is very powerful and yet so thoroughly outclassed by every major opponent he faces that he has to rely more on wits than strength, presenting antagonists that are not evil for banal or unambitious reasons, embracing some silly fun alongside moments of serious horror and emotion, and the simple over-the-top flamboyance of everyone involved, Battle Tendency is my second-favorite part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, coming up just shy of Diamond is Unbreakable in my eyes. There were some obvious items that I expected to be inspired by going into this part (such as the Red Stone of Aja and the spaghetti al nero di seppia), but I was still a little worried about needing to average more than one item per episode to come up with a full list of 20. Fortunately, that ended up being an unnecessary concern, as I ended up with 38. As before, this listing will cover only what I consider to be the 20 most interesting items, but I will share the extras in the compilation PDF.

Without any further ado, here are 20 magic items inspired by Battle Tendency:

1: Potion of Foresight

This effervescent brown potion allows the imbiber to predict one creature's next move, granting an advantage on immediate countermeasures and stunning the target if spoken aloud.

2: Column of Timelessness

This freestanding stone column has a recess shaped like a humanoid body. Anyone standing in the cavity is turned to stone and held in suspended animation until they are released by a blood sacrifice.

3: Smuggler's Coat

This unremarkable coat can perfectly conceal one item of any size. Doing so does not negate the item's weight.

4: Mark of Gluttony

This facial tattoo allows a person to absorb sustenance with any part of their body instead of just their digestive system but doubles their daily food/water needs.

5: Trichotic Wall

The hair in this small sack can be commanded to form a thin barrier of perfect cover against projectiles. It can have a surface area up to 100 square feet, cannot have voids, and lasts up to 10 minutes. After use, the hair returns to the sack automatically but loses its magical properties until it is recharged with 8 hours of sunlight.

6: Chastity Pigeon

This life-sized stone pigeon can be shrunk to hide imperceptibly in a person's mouth. If someone tries to kiss the person, the pigeon launches out and grows to full size, knocking the would-be kisser away.

7: Avenger's Locket of Harmony

This silver locket enables the wearer to build rapport easily when it contains a memento of a loved one. If the wearer dies while wearing it, the last person they influenced feels compelled to avenge their death.

8: Wedding Ring of Death

This plain gold ring can make an ethereal copy of itself latch around a target's windpipe (requires hitting with an unarmed strike if the target is resisting) that will release lethal poison after one month. A hidden reservoir on the ring contains a viscous fluid that destroys the copy if imbibed by the target.

9: Fool's Face

This full-face clown mask conceals the wearer's identity and allows them to walk on water but renders them mute.

10: Mask of Focus

This half-face mask that enhances the wearer's concentration (granting a minor bonus to any relevant rolls) but begins to suffocate them if they stop breathing regularly (due to panic, anger, strangulation, etc.).

11: Pauldrons of Projection

If this pair of fist-sized fleshy blobs are sewn to a person's shoulders, they allow the person to project their veins out of their fingertips as tentacles, extending their reach by 10' for clumsily manipulating small objects.

12: Scintillating Skullcap

This wool cap can be unraveled to act as a cordon against undead. It works for 1 hour per 2 hours of sunlight it has absorbed since its last use, to a maximum of 8 hours. A command word can restore it to its woven form.

13: Penetrating Knife

This small knife that can cut through anything. When cutting something a mundane knife could not, it makes a very loud whine and glows with white light equal to a lantern.

14: Gem of Obligation

This large diamond consumes the soul of whoever touches it but allows them to impose a geas during the 1 round before they die.

15: Inscrutable Mask

This simple domino mask makes it impossible to tell if the wearer is being honest or deceptive.

16: Crown of Sights Unseen

This horned diadem allows the wearer to "see" by sensing air currents and echolocation but renders them blind permanently.

17: Sacred Snake Muffler

This long red scarf can sense bloodlust from onlookers. It cannot detect emotionless hostility.

18: Crown of Steps Unseen

This spiked tiara allows the wearer to release a flash of blinding light and move unseen for 1 round, but their maximum movement speed is limited to a haughty saunter.

19: Amulet of Ultimate Life

This red-gemmed amulet allows the wearer to detach their hand as a squirrel or smaller life form under their control when it is exposed to light at least as bright as direct sunlight.

20: Piranha Flechettes

Each of these thin throwing knives can individually be transmuted into a frenzied piranha. There are 1d6+6 knives in the set.



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