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d66 Adversarial Beings Inspired by Dead By Daylight

Lately, I've been interested in Dead By Daylight; not as something I might want to play (the monetization scheme alone would drive me away, let alone the digital security concerns and requirement to play online with other people) but rather as something that hits a very interesting design space. A single adversary facing off against a team of four plucky "heroes" with a simple (and generally standardized) ability template and a unique twist on the side sounds an awful lot like the stereotypical boss fight in a ruleslight TTRPG.

The fact that the killers also have snappy two-word names that are simply "The <Noun/Verb>" helps make them seem suitable for that sort of conversion, too.

In any case, I came up with a list of 36 beings inspired in that sort of design, so here we go (to pick one at random, roll a six-sided dice for each digit):

11. The Altered: Nature's so-called "perfect killing machines" only go so far. Combining them goes farther.

12. The Cheat: Your rules are not their rules.

13. The Cosmic: The greatest terrors come from the most hostile environments, and nowhere is more hostile than the depths of space.

14. The Crafter: Anything can be made into a weapon, with the right hands.

15. The Dandy: Politics is warfare with words, and a master of that sphere can cause more suffering and death than any warrior could dream of.

16. The Defiler: The trappings of tradition are used to entrench power structures. One must disregard them to ascend.

21. The Demagogue: Give the masses someone to look down on, and they'll sacrifice themselves to protect you.

22. The Dragon: Fear, submission, worship; they are all reasonable reactions when confronted by overwhelming power.

23. The Dreaded: Their mere passage can shake the stoutest hearts, to say nothing of their gaze.

24. The Ether: How can one hope to resist malevolence in the air itself?

25. The Forgotten: Slinking forth from beyond the reach of history, resurrecting arts thought long lost.

26. The Formless: One cannot experience actual freedom while they are bound to a single body.

31. The Herder: Killing in isolation is so...inefficient.

32. The Horror: The shock of first contact is exceeded only by the revelations that come from further contemplation.

33. The Hound: Nobody is ever truly untraceable, and that means nobody is ever truly safe.

34. The Impaler: Some like to study their opponents to find their specific weaknesses. Others figure that most things are weak to putting a hole through the thick of their body.

35. The Judge: When the wage of sin is death, all are found wanting.

36. The Martyr: Their belief was strong enough to overcome death itself; what does that say about your chances?

41. The Mauler: If you tell people that what's on the inside is what matters most, someone will be curious enough to want to see it for themselves.

42. The Ogre: The juggernaut's passage was unmistakable, for nothing left in their wake was identifiable.

43. The Prowler: A good hunter knows that, if one is patient enough, all prey makes mistakes and leaves themselves vulnerable eventually.

44. The Raider: They let others find an array of bounties, and then they take their pick.

45. The Restless: The peace of death was a lie.

46. The Sculptor: Raw emotion makes for the best artistic inspiration, and that can only come out in full when one's muse teeters on the edge between life and death.

51. The Sentry: All who threaten their charge have earned the same fate.

52. The Serpent: The first thing you'll notice about their presence is their sudden strike; the last thing you'll feel is the effects of their venom.

53. The Shadow: Hiding in plain sight, and impossible to pin down.

54. The Slasher: To kill in a single stroke is misguided mercy, for the greatest insights come when comforting falsehoods are stripped away from inevitable mortality one by one.

55. The Specter: In a way, their victims all killed themselves, for fear took their breath away without a single touch.

56. The Stalker: The key to winning someone's attention, trust, or even love? It's all about finding the right facts, or failing that, not giving them any other choice.

61. The Terror: No matter how hard you try to deny it, deep down, you know it to be true, and you know accepting that would kill you.

62. The Unwanted: Hardship is a crucible, so forcing others to share that experience is altruistic, in a way.

63. The Warden: Attempts at defiance are another game to alleviate their boredom and no less under their control for it.

64. The Watcher: When you have entered their domain, that feeling of always being observed won't just be a feeling anymore.

65. The Witness: Who would ever suspect that a bystander would be the cause?

66. The Wrecker: If bottling up your feelings is unhealthy, then surely the unadulterated joy of simple destruction can't be wrong.



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