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Magic Items Inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

It's like post-Nocturne Persona, with fewer bad cops

Coming on the heels of my least-liked part, Diamond is Unbreakable is my favorite part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I think the slice-of-life style was nice change from the more epic plots of Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders, the scope of events felt more natural than Golden Wind (in particular, some enemies like Risotto or Cioccolata feel far too strong for their roles), Kira Yoshikage was a wonderful antagonist, Kishibe Rohan is among my favorite characters from the whole series, Nijimura Okuyasu came off as a more natural Idiot Hero than Jean-Pierre Polnareff or Narancia, and I felt Josuke struck a fine balance between the lighthearted/trickster nature of Joseph and the lack of worldliness to be expected from a typical high school student. Admittedly, I've heard that the manga's pacing and focus were much rougher than the anime's, but since I have firsthand experience with only the latter, that is what I'm basing my judgments on.

As with previous posts, there were some items inspired by iconic moments/elements that I had to cut to limit the list to 20 entries (Otoishi Akira's guitar being the most notable in my eyes), but they will have their time to be shared eventually.

Without any further ado, here are 20 magic items inspired by Diamond is Unbreakable:

1: Devious Dissolving Eye

This cat's-eye chrysoberyl can be dissolved in water to create a potion (color, consistency, etc. can be set by the gem-user) that will grant the gem-user complete physical control over the imbiber for 8 hours so long as they are within 100'. At any time during that period, the gem-user may command the liquid to agitate violently within the imbiber, dealing damage as a sword strike every round (no attack roll needed).

2: Glove of Erasing

This mesh glove can erase any matter it is swiped through when activated (roughly 2 cubic feet per use). Anything that was only partially erased (including air) has its remaining volume deform to fill in the cavity with a loud crashing sound. Wearing the glove reduces the wearer's mental capacities to one-third of their normal potential.

3: Guilty Sack

This lumpy sack draws anyone passing near it to step on it and feel intense regret for breaking whatever precious item they imagine was inside (save negates).

4: Egg of Annoyance

This box contains 12 eggs padded with straw. Breaking an egg on a surface to marks it with an invisible word. The word will be repeated constantly, either aloud or in the minds of anyone touching the target object/creature (user's choice), until dispelled by the user.

5: Manipulative Doll

This articulated wooden mannequin takes on the appearance anyone who touches it while it is inactive (save negates). While it has someone's appearance, it can be manipulated to control their movements until they die, at which point it returns to its blank appearance and becomes inactive. Destroying the mannequin ends the effect.

6: Jealous Wig

This luscious black wig compels its wearer to keep it on at all times. If the wearer is alone, the hairs wrap around the wearer's eyes, ears, and tongue to render them blind, deaf, and mute until they die. The wig holds on with the strength of a giant.

7: Compelling Pen

This gold-tipped reservoir pen can be used to write onomatopoeia on a surface. Anyone touching the object is subjected to feeling that onomatopoeia. The larger the writing, the more powerful the effect will be.

8: Chef's Choice Cookware

This cooking equipment prepares food that cures diseases by sloughing or ejecting the damaged tissue and replacing it immediately if the food is tailored for the specific consumer by a chef using fresh, pristine ingredients. The food also cures drowsiness.

9: Dagger of Detection

This dagger can be used to reveal invisible creatures and objects by slitting the user's wrist. This deals 1d6 damage to the user and sprays blood on anything invisible within 20'. The wound closes after 1 round with no lasting side effects.

10: Maquillage of Fate

This cosmetics kit can alter fate temporarily. Applying the make-up with a specific goal in mind grants a moderate bonus to any rolls related to that goal and twists coincidence to enable that goal for 30 minutes. After the effect ends, the target suffers a minor penalty to any rolls related to the same goal for 1 hour. The kit contains enough supplies for 1d12 applications.

11: Mad Bomber's Tie

This tie has 4 skull emblems sewn into it that the wearer can pull off and attach to objects. An object with an emblem attached becomes a bomb, exploding (as a 5th-level fireball) if touched by any creature other than the wearer (save halves). The explosion damages only the bomb object and the target. Used emblems do not replenish.

12: Concealing Clipper

This bronze spring clipper hides any traces of the user's passage for 1 week in settlements with more than 50 people. Activating the magic of the clipper requires first washing it in the dying blood of a young adult.

13: Terminating Turtle

This painted turtle shell has an enlarged front opening. If a hand is inserted up to the wrist, the shell's magic severs the hand. 1 round later, skeletal limbs and a miniature humanoid skull emerge from the shell's openings, and the shell begins moving towards the hottest heat source within 30'. If it makes contact with the heat source within 8 hours, it explodes, dealing damage (as a 10th-level fireball) in a 5' radius (save halves) and destroying its skeletal parts. While it is active, the shell's magic protects it from any damage.

14: Pilfering Punch

If this dermal punch is used to create a hole in the user's cheek, the user can steal spells or similar magical abilities from a target by winning a one-round game of chance (such as rock-paper-scissors). The stolen ability is lost after 1 use or 1 day, whichever comes first.

15: Cheater's Dice

This set of three six-sided dice is attuned to its owner. Any time they are rolled, the owner rolls twice and takes the better result, while anyone using the dice against the owner must roll twice and take the worse result. The dice are allergic to the sound of bells, breaking out in sweat and hives if they hear any.

16: Felid Flower

This cat-shaped potted flower lays as if sleeping when in darkness. If exposed to sunlight, it "wakes" and acts with a cat's mentality. It can hunt and manipulate its environment by shooting bubbles of compressed air from its petals (treat as a crossbow for attack purposes). If attacked, it can encase itself in a larger air bubble, capable of resisting loads up to 500 lbs (in direct sunlight).

17: Executing Capelet

This brown capelet kills the wearer if someone else sees the wearer's back, at which point it will attach itself to the viewer. Seeing the wearer's back indirectly (via reflections or visual scrying) also triggers the effect. It cannot be removed voluntarily by the wearer.

18: Paper of Retreat

This blank sheet of paper allows its owner to enter and exit it, along with any carried belongings. The inside of the paper is an empty void, where nothing can be done except experiencing the passage of time. Sensory deprivation forces saves for each continuous hour in the paper; failing a save causes the owner to suffer hallucinations of faces, sounds, smells, and mental pressure for 1 day per hour in the void. If more than 20 consecutive hours are spent in the void, sleep deprivation imposes a major penalty to the save. Natural healing does not happen in the void. If the paper is damaged while the owner is in the void, the owner and all of their belongings are expelled, with the damage caused to the paper being reflected on the owner (e.g. setting the paper on fire will cause the owner to emerge with matching burns, tearing it in half will cause the owner to emerge bifurcated, etc.).

19: Destiny Ward

This broken timepiece is imbued with protective magic. If kept on the owner, it will absorb one physical attack that would otherwise slay its owner. The magic is expended after one use, turning it into worthless dust.

20: Sentry Pants

These pants can be commanded to watch over a private threshold, such as a window, door, or tent opening. If anyone other than the pants' owner tries to look through the threshold, they feel compelled to touch the pants (save negates). On contact, the pants explode (as a 5th-level fireball) in a 5' radius (save halves), and the owner receives a mental alert capable of rousing them from sleep. Creatures slain by the explosion are reduced to ash instantly. The pants reconstruct themselves 10 minutes after exploding.


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