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Magic Items Inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

This cover manages to be gaudy and bland at the same time

While there are shortcomings of execution in Stardust Crusaders that keep it at the bottom of my personal rankings, Golden Wind is only barely above it on my list of how much I liked each of the first five parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The whole part leaves me with a general sense of not caring much about what's happening because there's no clear motivation. I know some people have a similar reaction to Diamond is Unbreakable, but I felt there was a clear central tension there of trying to save Morioh from a serial killer (though I will grant that faking the killer's identity twice can make that tricky to pick up on a first viewing); Golden Wind tries to be about cutting out the drug trade in Italy, except that it's framed as only being bad when done in excess or in dishonorable ways (like selling to kids or harming innocent bystanders to remove witnesses), so the whole thing ends up feeling very diluted. It was a chore to grind through the last third or so of the part, especially when doing so on a repeat viewing meant I knew I was going to get an ending that was even more unsatisfying than Diamond is Unbreakable.

However, one strong aspect of Golden Wind is that the stands continued to get more varied and distinctive (notwithstanding Gold Experience being the ultimate Plot Device), so I was left with some tough choices when cutting the list to 20 only entries. Since it is likely going to be a few months before more Stone Ocean episodes are released, I can use my favorite extras from Golden Wind and the previous parts to fill out that list, and there is still the complete compilation PDF to look forward to for the rest.

Without any further ado, here are 20 magic items inspired by Golden Wind:

1: Trickster's Signet

This signet ring and wax block can be used on an object (up to 5 lbs) to turn it into a small, harmless insect, such as a butterfly or ladybug. The effect requires minor concentration by the ring's wearer to maintain or focused concentration to direct the insect's movements. The effect also ends if the insect is further than 15' from the ring's wearer. The wax block is sufficient for 1d6+6 uses.

2: Harassing Hair Clip

This eye-shaped hair clip allows its wearer to phase objects into another creature's mouth by touch. Due to the precision required, this is generally impossible to accomplish on a creature defending itself.

3: Gloves of Separation

These gloves can manifest seams in solid surfaces that they strike. The wearer can open and close the seams by touch (a seam can be opened at the same time it is created). Open seams are self-supporting (i.e. removing part of a statue's leg will not cause it to collapse). A single seam can be up to 5' long, the openings can penetrate up to 5' deep, and a seam that is an open shape can be opened up to 3' wide. Up to 5 seams can exist concurrently, lasting for 10 rounds each or until dispelled by the wearer, whichever comes first.

4: Deflating Ice Pick

This ice pick can drain the volume out of an object, reducing it to a flat, floppy film of negligible thickness. Flattening or restoring an object takes 1 round per 100 lbs. The object is not harmed by the process, nor by being folded or rolled while affected, but lasting damage (such as cutting, burning, etc.) persists on the restored object.

5: Hat of History

This fur ushanka can play back the sounds heard at its current location at a previous point in time. There is a 10 minute charging time per 1 year into the past that it is seeking, and it can only play up to 5 minutes of sound per day. The user is deaf to any other sounds while using this item.

6: Spiritual Crossbow

This crossbow is possessed by four spirits. Bolts released from it can redirect around cover (though attack penalties for concealment and travel distance still apply), and the user is treated as always having partial concealment while in the open or total concealment while partially concealed for the purposes of incoming projectile attack rolls. The spirits must each be fed a hearty lunch at noon every day or else they get unruly and withhold their benefits until sufficient reparations are paid.

7: Shrinking Glove

This right-hand leather glove has a claw-like knife blade extending from its index fingertip. The wearer can concentrate to cause anything scratched by this blade to shrink, provided its longest dimension is no more than 15'. Shrinking reduces the longest dimension by 1' per minute, to a minimum of 1". Ending concentration restores the target to its normal size instantly, and a new scratch is required to shrink it again. Contents or possessions shrink along with the target, though they are restored to their normal sizes instantly if removed, dropped, etc.

8: Dismembering Axe

This axe allows its wielder to chop a helpless or compliant creature into multiple pieces without killing them. The target can survive being chopped into up to 15 pieces for 8 hours (from the oldest cut). Any number of pieces can be rejoined instantly by placing them in contact and targeting them with any healing effect; any errors in orientation are correctly automatically during the rejoining. The wielder can use the axe on themselves, though with sloppy results.

9: Scroll of Breath

This small parchment scroll can detect the presence of breathing within 30'. If it is opened flat and wet ink is spilled onto it, the ink will move to show the relative location (by position from center) and intensity (by size) of any breathing in the same plane as the scroll. The effect lasts for 1 hour.

10: Smoking Gauntlet

This steel gauntlet has 3 crystal hemispheres on the back that contain swirling purple gas. Each strike with the gauntlet breaks one crystal, releasing a 5'-radius viral cloud that infects any creatures who inhale it, including the wearer (save negates). Infected creatures suffer muscular failure and die after 1 minute. Any source of light sterilizes the cloud after 1 round; strong wind doubles the area of effect for 1 round before dispersing the cloud. The gas and crystals replenish after 3 days.

11: Fishing Rod of the Heart-Seeker

This fishing rod can detect the number of living beings within 30' and can attack up to 60' through solid surfaces (concealment adjustments to attack rolls still apply). On hit, the fishing hook sinks into the target and deals increasing damage each round as it digs towards vitals; on a natural 20, the hook rips out a vital organ immediately. While someone is hooked, any damage that would be dealt to the fishing line is dealt to the target instead, and the line will not break if the user tries to reel the target in. It cannot hook beings without a corporeal body.

12: Amulet of Aging

This golden amulet can be commanded to exude a humid grey gas in a 30' radius (15' radius in moderate wind). Aside from the amulet's wearer and their carried possessions, anything exposed to the gas ages rapidly, increasing in age by 10 years per round (creatures and sentient objects can save to negate each round). Ageless and immortal beings/objects are unaffected. Exposure to any freezing temperature (even just touching a piece of ice) negates the effect on a given target. The amulet can produce the gas for 10 rounds per day.

13: Ice Armor

This suit of unmelting ice acts as plate armor when worn. The wearer is immune to any cold effects (including supernatural cold) and can move at full speed/control on snowy or icy surfaces (being buried in snow, encased in ice, etc. will still present normal difficulties). Liquid water freezes instantly on contact with the armor.

14: Traveler's Hood

This tight-fitting red hood allows its wearer to stop time for 1 round per day. During the effect, they cannot interact directly with any other creatures.

15: Existential Hood

This tight-fitting white hood allows its wearer to stop existing for 1 round per hour. They cannot do anything during the effect, but they cannot be hurt and are unaffected by anything (though the time will still pass for temporary lingering effects, e.g. if they were paralyzed for 1 round, they would be free to act after resuming existence).

16: Iron Shark

This small iron shark figurine can animate and become insubstantial when submerged in any water-based liquid (including acid, blood, wine, etc.). In that state, the owner can command it to teleport between water-based liquid bodies up to 10' apart to a maximum distance of up to 60' away from them, as well as changing its size instantly from 1" to 5' in length, though it must remain smaller than the current liquid body it is in. The shark can breach a distance up to twice its length, so long as it can end the jump submerged. Anything the shark bites and submerges with also becomes insubstantial, though they will remain their original size. The shark moves and does damage as a normal shark of its current size, uses its owner's level/HD, has AC as plate armor, and can teleport up to 3 times per round (in place of half its movement). Controlling the shark requires the owner's full concentration.

17: Gel of Elasticity

This jar of pink gel renders any object coated with the gel indestructible and infinitely elastic for 1 day. The jar contains enough gel to affect up to 500 lbs in total.

18: Silent Thread of Sustenance

This white thread negates the needs for food, water, and air for a creature whose mouth is sewn shut with it. If removed, the creature will feel an immediate need to replenish the missing sustenance, but the physical effects of hunger/dehydration/asphyxiation are suspended for 1 day.

19: Spirit Frog

This frog can be used to contact the spirits of the dead. When an expensive gem (minimum value 2000 standard currency) is inserted into its mouth, it casts Speak with Dead, with the frog itself substituting for the target's remains. The gem is consumed in the casting. In all other respects, it is a normal frog.

20: Earthswimmer's Armor

This leather armor softens earth and stone for the wearer. They move through it as through a thick liquid, halving speed, negating the ability to run (though it is possible to walk along the surface), and halving effective fall distance (e.g. a 30' fall onto a stone surface would be treated as a 15' fall). The wearer does not have to breathe while submerged in earth/stone. The effects do not extend to the wearer's possessions unless they are under the armor.



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