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Workout Recap - Week of August 1, 2021

On account of the discomfort I was feeling at the end of last week, I took this week as an opportunity to dial down the movement difficulty and do some maintenance work. I will step things up again, but the occasional reset can be beneficial to give the body a chance to recover fully.



Type: Pass/Fail

Bridges - 2 sets of 20 (pass)

Straight Leg Raises - 2 sets of 25 (pass)

Bonus: none

I think this was a nice excuse to make sure that my midsection felt comfortable with repeated bending in both directions. It responded well.


Type: Pass/Fail

Pull Ups - 2 sets of 10 (pass)

Push Ups - 2 sets of 20 (pass)

Bonus: none

There isn't much to say about this workout other than that I did it.


Type: Pass/Fail

Handstand Push Ups - 2 sets of 15 (pass)

Close Squats - 2 sets of 20 (pass)

Bonus: none

My knee had been feeling better since early in the week, and I'm happy that this workout didn't cause any aggravation. It may not mean much, but I'm taking it as a sign that I can get back on the aggressive side of things when I turn up the intensity again.


Type: Pass/Fail

40 Prisoner Squats

30 Push Ups

20 Hanging Knee Raises

10 Pull Ups

Bonus: none

I figured I'd do the century as a capstone for a lighter week. It went fairly smooth, but I came surprisingly close to running out of steam during the pull ups. That's probably a sign that I ought to get back to doing some timed workouts again.



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