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Workout Recap - Week of June 9, 2024

This week was kind of a blur. Then again, I say that as if everything hasn't been kind of a blur of late.




Muay Thai class

This class was a stamina-burner, mostly focused on doing high reps of simple strikes. I was with a new-to-me partner today, and they gave me useful advice on adjusting the recovery of my round kicks to speed up how quickly I can repeat them. They also seemed to try pushing me particularly hard in the last thirty seconds of each round and seemed to be disappointed that I was able to keep up with that. These colors don't run, they just bash back.



Muay Thai class

This was an odd class. We started out with high-volume punching, then did some elbow strike practice more or less in isolation, and then finished up with high-volume kicking. Each was fine in itself, sure, but it just felt very disjointed and unfocused. That's not a complaint, though; it's just an observation since it was one of the few times where there didn't seem to be a central idea to the class, but then, I suppose it is part of fighting to be able to adjust to surprise changes, so maybe that was the deeper purpose all along.


Muay Thai class

After not having any last week, it was nice to get a light sparring class this week. I had a simple goal for it: do two full rounds without using any straight punches. I messed up out of habit on my first round of the day, but I accomplished it in the next two. Aside from holding myself back in that way to stimulate learning, I felt like I acquitted myself well overall, except for being passive about interrupting punches and (arguably) being too conservative about defending front kicks. Those can give me some ideas for future focal points, but regardless, two of the more experienced competitive fighters each had some compliments and helpful advice for me, so if I can force myself to accept those at face value for the moment instead of my usual suspicious nature, it might be evidence that I'm carving out a place for myself at this gym.


Muay Thai class

This was a fundamentals review class. I would say it was mostly unremarkable, but I suppose it was kind of remarkable that the kru didn't have any corrections for me despite seeming to be in a picky mood. Internally, it often feels like I'm barely holding on to my form, but maybe that's me being overly harsh on myself. That said, it seems more realistic that she's just locked in on helping the competitive fighters who have events coming up soon.



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