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Workout Recap - Week of May 19, 2024

I had been planning on doing a double-training day on Monday this week since it was a statutory holiday in Canada and the kru had initially said the gym would be open, but she decided over the weekend to close it instead. It is completely reasonable for her to also take breaks from working, of course, and at any rate, I took that as a sign to give my body an extra day to recover from its usual lingering fatigue rather than doing anything major for myself.




Muay Thai class

This class worked on progressively building offensive sequences, using a mix of basic set-ups with intermediate-to-advanced extensions. The hot weather of late made me feel like my stamina was taxed, but I survived and don't think that I flagged too much over the course of the class. More positively, this felt like the first time in a while that I didn't get any atypical compliments, which was a nice return to normalcy. I was probably just being suspicious for no good reason lately.


Muay Thai class

This class worked on doing lateral movement while being offensive. Coincidentally, that made it fit nicely with my next sparring goal of incorporating more angle changes during my offense and defense. It was another tough one, but once again, I survived and didn't get any compliments, aside from the implication of not being criticized on a day when the kru was trying to push a lot of people. I can take that much in stride.


Muay Thai class

This was a class of just light sparring. I had been a bit worried that we wouldn't have one with the short week, so I'm glad that that wasn't the case. Unfortunately, the attendance was too high for my goal about working in more movement to be reasonable (even with a couple of people sitting out each round to leave more space for the rest), so I settled instead of trying to land two lead uppercuts per rounds (which I achieved). It also feels like I've been getting better at pulling back from straight punches at range while countering with either a teep or a low kick using my lead leg, but I think I'm bad at reactive head movement in general, so this is somewhat faint praise. Still, taken all together, this felt like a fairly solid performance overall.



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