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Workout Recap - Week of October 15, 2017

I have no idea where this past week went. The whole thing seemed to just go by in a blur.



Type: Pass/Fail

Semiclose Handstand Push Ups - 2 sets of 15 (pass)

Uneven Pull Ups - 2 sets of 10 (fail: 10/9)

Shrimp Squats, Both Hands Behind Me - 2 sets of 8, each side (pass)

Bonus: 4 sets of 3 Superman push ups, 30 sit ups

Came up a bit short on the pull ups this time around. That's going to be a recurring theme for this week's results. I guess I was just lacking focus in general. Oh well.


Type: As Fast As Possible

5 sets of:

8 Pull Ups

6 Handstand Push Ups

4 Pistol Squats

Time = 8:45

Bonus: 5 skin-the-cats

This was probably my most successful workout of this week, in that it was the only one that showed any clear progress.


Type: As Fast As Possible

Running - 1 mile

Time = 8:30

Bonus: 4 sets of 3 two-way suicide jumps, 1 mile walk

The second workout this week to come up short of my previous performance, but at least there's something of a clearer reason behind it this time, since I got a side ache about a quarter of the way through it that hampered me until the end. Of course, the lack of definitive reasons behind why runners get side aches muddies things up, but I'll attribute it to my lack of regular running in general.


Type: Pass/Fail

Semiclose Handstand Push Ups - 1 set of 15 (pass)

Stand-to-Stand Bridges (with one touch of a wall on the way up) - 1 set of 10 (pass)

Hanging V-raises - 1 set of 10 (pass)

Bonus: 4 sets of 3 two-way suicide jumps

This one didn't come up short so much as it was a bit of a planned regression. I just wanted something relatively easy.


Type: As Fast As Possible

7 sets of:

7 Pull Ups

7 Burpees

Time = 7:45

Bonus: 1 pull up, 1 burpee

This was a disappointment. I actually started out great (on pace for about a 5:45 finish after 2 sets), but I hit an absolute wall after the third set. I'm not entirely sure why, but if I had to guess, it might've been because I had coffee with my breakfast this day (something that I rarely do), and maybe that threw off my system. It sounds like a weak excuse, but I can't think of anything else that I did differently from usual. I'll own up to being responsible for the poor time, of course, but that's of limited use without trying to learn why it happened, since my stamina with this workout doesn't usually fall of a cliff like it did this time.

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