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Workout Recap - Week of May 13, 2018

This was a fairly busy week for me, as I'm preparing for yet another business trip along with trying to put the finishing touches on another major announcement before I leave for that, so I'm pretty happy that I was able to find time to fit in five workouts nonetheless. Nothing in particular stood out about it, but I think that's mostly because I've still been trying to come to terms with having published my first novel. It still feels a little unreal to say that.



Type: Pass/Fail

Shoulder-width Handstand Push Ups - 2 sets of 12 (pass)

Uneven Pull Ups - 2 sets of 10, each side (pass)

Pistol Squats, both hands behind me - 2 sets of 6, each side (pass)

Bonus: 4 sets of 3 two-way suicide jumps, 10 bridges

I'm trying to be a bit aggressive with fitting in more bar work while I've still got the chance. It does leave my hands feeling rather fatigued during my rest days, but I'll have plenty of time for them to recover while I'm stuck out in hotels again.


Type: As Fast As Possible

4 sets of:

10 Chin Ups

10 Burpees

30 High Knees

Time = 8:00

Bonus: 10 breath isometric one-armed dead hangs (each side)

Speaking of bar work, this was a pretty big pile of chin ups aimed precisely towards testing my grip endurance. I was able to get to the sixth one of the final set before I needed to take a breath to shake things out. Not bad.


Type: Pass/Fail

One-armed Push Ups, feet together - 2 sets of 6, each side (pass)

Stand-to-Stand Bridges, one wall touch on the way up - 2 sets of 6 (pass)

Hanging V-Raises - 2 sets of 10 (pass)

Bonus: 2 sets of 6 Superman push ups

Pretty much just my standard midweek pass/fail routine. One of these days, I won't need that touch of the wall to get a bit more leverage for rising out of a bridge, but today was not that day.


Type: Pass/Fail

Shoulder-width Handstand Push Ups - 3 sets of 9 (pass)

Uneven Pull Ups - 3 sets of 7, each side (pass)

Bonus: 10 burpees

I wasn't in the mood for anything complicated, so some reasonable bar work and its natural compliment was the order of the day.


Type: As Fast As Possible

100 Burpees

Time = 11:30

Bonus: 2 sets of 6 pull ups

My first time doing 100 burpees in a handful of months, and it rather showed, coming in at 15% worse than my personal record. That having been said, it was a similar story to my last few challenges, where I started out quite fine (on pace for around a six minute finish at the quarter mark and an eight minute finish at the half mark) before burning out and struggling through the final third or so. During this coming trip, I'm going to make more of an effort to lock in on some endurance work to try and get my pacing back.

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