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Workout Recap - Week of March 10, 2019

After my brush of sickness last week, this week's main goal was to get back on track. There wasn't anything spectacular about what I ended up doing, but they were five mostly-legitimate workouts, which lays a decent groundwork to build up from.



Type: As Fast As Possible

5 sets of:

5 Pulls Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Prisoner Squats

Time = 4:30

Bonus: none

Seeing as I had done this workout as things had started to trend poorly for me, it felt like an appropriate measuring point to gauge if I was recovering. The finish time was in the same ballpark, which was a sign that I was past the worst of it.


Type: As Fast As Possible

50 Burpees

Time = 4:15

Bonus: 7 pull ups

Since I'd skipped doing 100 burpees on the weekend, this was an abridged version to make up for that. This was a fantastic pace, though I'm well aware that I was approaching it as being no more than what it was, which is to say that I wasn't keeping more in reserve as if I was doing a full hundred.


Type: Pass/Fail

Close Handstand Push Ups - 1 set of 6 (pass)

Stand-to-stand Bridges, one wall touch on the way up - 1 set of 10 (pass)

Hanging V-raises - 1 set of 13 (pass)

Bonus: 2 sets of 6 Superman push ups

Honestly, I just tried to avoid overthinking this. It was reasonable and effective. Did it push me to a new level? No. Would that have been better? Probably, but not if it'd come at the cost of what else I was busy with on this day.


Type: As Fast As Possible

5 sets of:

8 Pull Ups

8 Bridges

20 Mountain Climbers

Time = 6:00

Bonus: 7 fingertip push ups

It felt like I'd been going easy on both pull ups and bridges lately. This was a prelude to the weekend to help address that.


Type: As Fast As Possible

6 sets of:

6 Pull Ups

6 Burpees

6 Bridges

Time = 8:00

Bonus: 7 chin ups

The finish time wasn't good by my standards. That said, just doing it was a victory in itself.

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