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Looking Over Book of Challenges and Dungeon Delve: General Index

The cover art does show a distinct shift between editions from being in peril to being unstoppable badasses

Book of Challenges and Dungeon Delve are both collections of several mini-modules; packages of one to four encounters that aren’t really long enough to be a full adventure but are modular enough to fit into a larger framework without much trouble. However, they’re both also written rather terribly for actual play (as is common with both TSR and WotC products for Dungeons & Dragons), and as with any such collection, the quality can be inconsistent.

Still, there is enough useful content in them that I think it’d be a worthwhile exercise to go through each mini-module and talk about what I think is good, salvageable, and bad about them. I don’t care about the detailed mechanics, since I don’t run either 3E or 4E Dungeons & Dragons, so my focus will be mostly on the concepts, though I might call out if a particular mechanic stands out.

Also, I’m not going to be repeating all of the details for each mini-module here, so you’ll probably need a copy of the relevant book to follow along completely.

This post is an index for links to each of the individual reviews:

Book of Challenges

A Familiar Situation

Close Quarters

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Temple of Draxion

Bugbear Pit Fight

No Loose Ends

Pool of Endless Froglings

Capstan Water Trap

Curse of Iron

Mimic Madness

Dark Water Trap

Displacer Beast Maze

Trouble Cubed

Watery Grave

All of the Treasure, None of the Traps

Cubical Kennel

Grotto of the Shocker Lizards

Hill Giant Madness

An Object Lesson

Fire and Water

Fool Me Once

Troll and Pets

Chuk’s Magik Shoppe

Dropping like a Stone

Jann Lair

Warding of the Dead

A Light in the Dark

Avaard’s Dilemma

Ladies of the Lake

Watch Your Balance

Cave of the Snake

More than Meets the Eye

Path of Deceit

Shambling Death

Formidable Opposition

In Media Res

Release the Hounds

Zyphur’s Cryptic Spellbook

Just Passing Through

Medusa’s Traveling Casino

With a Little Help from My Friends

Dark Hunt

Simply Shocking

Safe and Sound

Tangled Webs

Beholder Dome

Riddles and Prizes

Twelve Heads Are Better than One

Where’s the Party?

Primary Thinking

Towering Dead

Thrice Be Damned

Blown Away

Dungeon Delve

Coppernight Hold

The Broken Tower

Orc Stronghold

The Raiders’ Hideout

Tomb of the Tiefling Empress

Temple of the Zealots

The Catacombs of Koptila

Poisoned Shadows

Deceitful Descent

Fear the Night

Last Will and Testament

Emerald Dawn

Planar Bandits

Hall of Echoing Screams

Caves of Menace

Eye of Flame

Caverns of Demise

Summer’s End

Temple of the Four Winds

Cold Hands of Chaos

Bahamut’s Shame

Smoldering Flames of War

Lich’s Last Stand

Ghoulish Designs

Temple of Primordial Fire

Shadowfell Schism

Storming the Clouds

The Hungering Temple

The Silence of Evil

Deific Heart of Magma


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