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Looking Over Book of Challenges and Dungeon Delve: General Index

The cover art does show a distinct shift between editions from being in peril to being unstoppable badasses

Book of Challenges and Dungeon Delve are both collections of several mini-modules; packages of one to four encounters that aren’t really long enough to be a full adventure but are modular enough to fit into a larger framework without much trouble. However, they’re both also written rather terribly for actual play (as is common with both TSR and WotC products for Dungeons & Dragons), and as with any such collection, the quality can be inconsistent.

Still, there is enough useful content in them that I think it’d be a worthwhile exercise to go through each mini-module and talk about what I think is good, salvageable, and bad about them. I don’t care about the detailed mechanics, since I don’t run either 3E or 4E Dungeons & Dragons, so my focus will be mostly on the concepts, though I might call out if a particular mechanic stands out.

Also, I’m not going to be repeating all of the details for each mini-module here, so you’ll probably need a copy of the relevant book to follow along completely.

This post is an index for links to each of the individual reviews:

Book of Challenges

Dungeon Delve



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